Maintenance Tanks

Maintenance Tanks
Alhalabi Tanks offer a complete maintenance package to protect your tank investments. Preventative maintenance and timely inspections will help prolong the life of your tanks. We have the established ability to perform all of the necessary inspections and maintenance tasks without the need for expensive outside contractors. By inspecting the tanks on a regular basis we can solve small problems before they escalate to become bigger problems.

Benefits of adopting an ongoing Maintenance Program with Alhalabi Tanks:

• Tanks are continually examined and all aspects of maintenance are dealt with in a preventive mode.
• All aspects of maintenance needed to ensure the tank can be utilised indefinitely.
• Assures tank owners that conditions on the interior are properly maintained, and that the water is being stored in a manner that does not affect its quality.
• Assures tank owners that the tank remains in compliance with British Standard.
• Provides annual documentation and reports that are required by Local Authorities.
• Provides immediate response for unexpected emergencies that may occur.
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